Kay Chun, MD

Korean Community Services
Public Health and Research Center
149 W. 24th St. 6th Floor
New York, NY
USA 10011
3379.0 Understanding health information preferences of individuals with chronic hepatitis B infection
3379.0 Development of culturally and linguistically appropriate hepatitis B health education messages: Focus group findings from Chinese and Korean immigrant communities in New York City
3379.0 Contextual factors influencing hepatitis B knowledge and perceptions: Understanding the similarities and differences among the Chinese and Korean communities in New York City
3379.0 B Free CEED Legacy Pilot Projects: Promoting best practices and capacity-building for hepatitis B programs in Asian American communities across the United States
3432.0 Applying social marketing principles to develop an evidence-based hepatitis B awareness campaign in Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
4149.0 Identifying best practices for formative data collection in Asian Pacific Islander immigrant communities