Laura Punnett, ScD

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Department of Work Environment
One University Ave.
Lowell, MA
USA 01854
3054.0 Occupational health disparities in the U.S. hotel industry
3349.0 Work organizational features associated with health behaviors among nursing home personnel
3349.0 Work organization and health issues in long term care nursing centers: Comparison of perceptions between caregivers and management
5178.0 Factors associated with changes in ergonomic exposures among nursing assistants after the introduction of a no-lift program in nursing homes
5178.0 Net Costs of a No-Lift Intervention Program in a Large Chain of Nursing Homes
5178.0 Validation of a Worksite Readiness Checklist (WRCL) for implementation of health promotion programs
5178.0 Health and wellness intervention research in the nursing center industry: A preliminary analysis of participatory intervention