4113.0 Infectious Diseases (non-HIV)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 10:30 AM
In Bolivia it was discovered that Sodium Estibogluconate, even in programs with supervised treatment, has a high incidence of recurrences in children less than five years of age. As a result, use of Sodium Estibogluconate in this age group should be reviewed and effectiveness of other medicines should be compared. In India it was discovered that DF prevention efforts emphasizing the eradication of larval Aedes aegypti, patient education, and adherence to a standardized serological reporting system should revolve around the monsoon and post-monsoon periods. In China, a policy implication was discovered: While acute care for ailments such as cold/influenza does not show a substantial impact on family burden, more attention should be drawn to the chronic illness. For the Gambia case, it was found that distance traveled to water source, time spent collecting water per trip, the frequency of water collection within the day, availability of water for face washing, and daily frequency of face washing may all impact household Finally in the Dominican Republic, Immediate medical attention is required for suspected Dengue symptomology to avoid progression of thrombocytopenia or dehydration to shock. trachoma.
Session Objectives: In Bolivia a program describes that utilization of Sodium Estibogluconate for Leishmaniasis treatment in children less than five years of age bears with it a relatively high percentage of recurrences. In India, investigators explain the need for patient education and preventive measures that are heedful of dengue fever seasonal predilection. A historical study in China identifies trends of direct economic burden of cold/influenza on individuals going to different facilities for treatment during 1989-2006.In Gambia, a demonstration of potential relationship between water supply and trachoma continues. Finally, the perception of risk and respective behavior changes toward mosquito protection utilized by citizens in the Dominican Republic was described.

10:30 AM
Recurrences of Leishmaniasis in children treated with Sodium Estibogluconate
Javier Enrique Lopez, MD, MPH, BPH and Georgina Calvimontes, MD, MPH
10:45 AM
Preventive measures against changing epidemiological trends of dengue fever in New Delhi, India
Thriveni Reddy, MBBS, Ashley Graboski-Bauer, MPH, CHES, Robert W. Buckingham, Dr PH, Kiran Sapkota, MS, Saran Kumar Rai, BDS and Sandra Jacquez, MS
11:15 AM
Relationship between water handling practices and trachoma disease occurrence in rural Gambia
Abiodun Oluyomi, Mr, Shannon P. Márquez, PhD, MEng and Laurence Fuortes, MD, MS

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