5115.0 Water issues of global importance 2

Wednesday, November 11, 2009: 10:30 AM
In Columbia, Per family costs of water and sanitation services were affordable, especially by obtaining significant cost-sharing (in cash, in work and materials) from the participating families, community groups and local authorities. In Indonesia, by taking advantage of affordable, low-risk loan mechanisms to finance capital expenditure, an increased number of households are able to access clean water, improving overall health and sanitation. In Mpokolo, DRC, Acute poverty, lower school attainment and widespread lack of basic water hygiene contribute to higher incidence of diarrhea. In the context of health promotion and diarrhea reduction in Eastern Kasai, the enhancement of income, access to higher education and adoption of safer water hygiene practices should be pursued with higher priority and based on adequate understanding of the underlying causes of the current low performance in each of these dimensions. A study of global social marketing for water and sanitation improvement, concludes by identifying knowledge gaps in water and sanitation social marketing. We describe an intervention research agenda, which includes the use of new technologies (handheld devices) and social networking strategies based on the 4 Ps, to promote and evaluate behavior change.
Session Objectives: Demonstrate the success of an integrated approach to improve hygiene and sanitary conditions among internally displaced families living in slum areas of the Colombian cities. Explain how innovative financing mechanisms help extend the reach of clean water to low-income households in Indonesia. Describe the population of the health zone of Mpokolo, DRC according to water hygiene practices, income and education levels; Describe the current state of knowledge about the effectiveness of global social marketing for water and sanitation improvement.

10:50 AM
Innovative Financing Brings Clean Water to Low-income Households
Colleen Green, Allen Hollenbach and Gusril Bahar
11:30 AM
Systematic Review of Global Water & Sanitation Social Marketing
W. Douglas Evans, PhD, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, PhD, Shannon Young and Justin Buszin

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