4337.0 Improving Pregnancy Outcomes Poster Session

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 4:30 PM
This session presents research that examines the critical psychosocial, demographic, and biological factors associated with pregnancy outcomes. Research topics that will be discussed include examining for high-risk behavior such as illicit drug and alcohol use, understanding maternal depression, and identifying the social determinants of stress on adverse pregnancy outcomes. Presentation on effective, cultural-sensitive educational materials for improving pregnancy outcomes will be discussed. Strategies to encourage and to finance pre-natal care access in minority group will also be explored. This section will bring together disciplines from different field of research in improving pregnancy outcomes.
Session Objectives: Participants in this session will be able to 1) Identify the critical factors affecting healthy and adverse pregnancy outcomes; 2) Discuss interventions that are addressing ways to eliminate disparities in infant mortality and accessibility to health services; 3) Discuss strategic ways to improve prenatal/interconception care for high-risk group.
Tyan Parker Dominguez, PhD, MPH, MSW , Judith R. Katzburg, PhD, MPH, RN and Janine Lewis, MPH
Kee Chan, PhD

Board 1
Do mothers of NICU babies understand delivery risks?
Heather Brumberg, MD, MPH, FAAP, Alana Chill, Cheryl Hunter-Grant, LMSW, Jess Joymon, MD, MPH, Jeet Lund, BA, Eva Baldyga, BS, Denise Tahara, PhD and Deborah Viola, PhD
Board 3
Eliminating disparities in infant mortality: What models work?
Shannon White, MPH, Tonya M. Turner, BA, Ngozi Moses, MSc, Dace S. Svikis, PhD and Lori Keyser-Marcus, PhD
Board 4
Psychosocial differences between smokers and non-smokers during pregnancy
Amber Ingram, BS, Pamela Maxson, PhD and Marie Lynn Miranda
Board 7
Factors that influence access to pre-natal care by African American Women
Janet Araba Aikins, PhD, MPH, Pam Patterson, BSN, RN, Deborah Banerjee, PhD, MS and Algia Hickenbotham, MEd, RN-BC
Board 8
Social Determinants of Stress and its Effects on Maternal and Child Health
Angela Bermúdez-Millán, PhD, MPH, Grace Damio, MS, CDN, Joan Cruz, Karen D'Angello, MSW, Sofia Segura-Pérez, MS, RD and Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, PhD
Board 9
Impact of race and locus of control on gestational weight gain
Charmaine Smith Wright, MD, Debbie Bilder, BS, Michelle Allen, BS, Marjie Mogul, PhD, David M. Rubin, MD, MSCE and Judy Shea, PhD

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Organized by: Maternal and Child Health
Endorsed by: Women's Caucus