4254.0 College drinking: Prevalence, policies, and the Minimum Legal Drinking Age

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 2:30 PM

2:30 PM
Longitudinal patterns of alcohol consumption among college students: Implications for early intervention with high-risk drinkers
Amelia M. Arria, PhD, Kimberly M. Caldeira, MS, Kathryn B. Vincent, MA, Laura M. Garnier, MA, Sarah J. Kasperski, MA and Kevin E. O'Grady, PhD
2:48 PM
College students' provision of alcohol to underage peers
Mark Wolfson, PhD, Thomas McCoy, MS, Kimberly Wagoner, DrPH (c), MPH and Erin L. Sutfin, PhD
3:06 PM
Alcohol control policies at four-year colleges in the U.S
Kathleen Lenk, MPH, Traci L. Toomey, PhD, Toben F. Nelson, ScD, Darin J. Erickson, PhD and Mark Miazga, JD
3:24 PM
Enforcement of alcohol policies on four-year college campuses
Traci L. Toomey, PhD, Toben F. Nelson, ScD, Darin J. Erickson, PhD, Mark Miazga, JD and Kathleen Lenk, MPH
3:42 PM
Legal ages for purchase and consumption of alcohol and heavy drinking among college students in Canada, Europe and the United States
Adrienne E. Keller, PhD, Laurie Frye, MEd, Jennifer Bauerle, PhD and James C. Turner, MD

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Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Endorsed by: Socialist Caucus

CE Credits: Medical (CME), Health Education (CHES), Nursing (CNE), Public Health (CPH)