3079.0 HIV and Reproductive Health

Monday, November 9, 2009: 10:30 AM

Board 2
Associations between social support, depression and mental status in two HIV+ samples from Miami and Port-au-Prince
Ghazal Soleimani, MEd, Pradnya Khatavkar, MS, MHA, Brenda Lerner, RN, PsyD, Michèle Jean-Gilles, PhD, Jessy G. Dévieux, PhD, Robert McMahon, PhD and Robert Malow, PhD
Board 3
Small group interventions can improve mood in HIV- Positive Haitian Adults
Keerthi Bangalore Ramanath, BE, Valerie Pelletier, MD, Loreto P. Villanueva, MPH, Michèle Jean-Gilles, PhD, Marie-Marcelle Deschamps, MD, Jessy G. Dévieux, PhD, Robert Malow, PhD and Maxi Ascencio, Jr, MA
Board 4
An exploratory study of Somali refugee women's experiences with labor and delivery practices in the United States
Ryan Borg, MPH, Maithri Amereskere, MSc, MD candidate, Jamie Frederick, MSW, MPH Candidate and Kelley Saia, RN, MD
Board 5
Hope and symptom load: Correlates of life regard for HIV positive adults
Amanda Alene Logan, Chwee-Lye Chng, PhD, Mark Vosvick, PhD and Jonathan Hill, BA
Board 6
Stress and Social Support Associations with HIV risk behavior among Severely Mentally Ill, Alcohol and Other Drugs Abusers
Yamile Marrero, JD, MPH, Terri Jennings, PhD, Brenda Lerner, RN, PsyD, Michèle Jean-Gilles, PhD, Jessy G. Dévieux, PhD, Robert Malow, PhD, Rhonda Rosenberg, PhD and Robert McMahon, PhD
Board 7
Small Group Behavioral Health Interventions Reduce Distress among HIV-positive Recovering Drug Abusers (RDAs)
Neha V. Desai, BDS, Shyam S. Jindal, BDS, Yamile Marrero, JD, MPH, Brenda Lerner, RN, PsyD, Jessy G. Dévieux, PhD and Robert Malow, PhD
Board 9
Pap smear testing in a fee-for-service state Medicaid program
Rahul Khanna, S. Suresh Madhavan, PhD, MBA, Michael Smith and Abhijeet Bhanegaonkar, MPH
Board 10
Identifying the Peak Day of Fertility
Karen Schliep, MSPH, Christina Porucznik, PhD, MSPH and Joseph B. Stanford, MD, MSPH

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