4046.0 Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men in Context

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 8:30 AM
This symposium examines sexual behavior of Brazilian, Colombian, and Dominican immigrant MSM in metropolitan New York. The presenters in this symposium recognize the diversity of sexual expression of Latino MSM. While much sex research with Latino MSM highlights possible risk and negative consequences, the presenters here also acknowledge pleasure, passion and desire. Culture is emphasized as a very influential factor in sexuality, and the research reported in this symposium illustrates how Latino groups are similar but also differ. The main theme of this symposium is the importance of context as well as culture in Latino MSM sexual behavior. For example, sexual practices vary, depending on setting. One of the presentations reports how sexual behaviors vary by type of public sex setting. Another presentation reports on sexual practices at sex parties. A third presentation examines the association of condom communication with condom use at the most recent sexual encounter, and how the contextual features of that encounter (e.g., degree of sexual arousal, intoxication, and partner relationship) affect both the likelihood of condom communication and of condom use. The fourth presentation reports participants' views on the role of cultural expectations in the selection of sexual partners. The data for these presentations come from different phases of an NIH-funded program of research on contextual aspects of sexual behavior among Latino MSM. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used, and together contribute to advancing our understanding of sexual expression.
Session Objectives: Explain how the sexual practices of Latino MSM are influenced by culture and setting.

8:30 AM
Latino MSM's sexual practices in three types of public sex settings
Carol A. Reisen, PhD, Miguel Iracheta, BA, Marķa Cecilia Zea, PhD, Fernanda T. Bianchi, PhD and Paul J. Poppen, PhD
8:50 AM
Clarifying the roles of cultural beliefs, partner characteristics, and communication about condom use in sexual risk-taking among Latino men who have sex with men
Serena C. Lo, MS, Carol A. Reisen, PhD, Paul J. Poppen, PhD, Fernanda T. Bianchi, PhD and Marķa Cecilia Zea, PhD
9:10 AM
Characteristics of sex parties and Latino MSM who attend them
Felisa A. Gonzales, BA, Sarah K. Calabrese, MPhil, Marķa Cecilia Zea, PhD, Carol A. Reisen, PhD, Paul J. Poppen, PhD and Fernanda T. Bianchi, PhD

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