3085.0 Environmental Health Poster Session I: Exposure Among Vulnerable Populations

Monday, November 9, 2009: 10:30 AM

Board 1
Staten Island Breast Cancer Research Initiative: Environment with relation to puberty and length of residence on Staten Island
Donna Gerstle, MA, MS, JD, Alfred Levine, PhD, Jimmie Fata, PhD, Robert Silich, MD, Michael Kress, PhD, Elena McCoy, PhD, Alan Benimoff, PhD, Michelle Dresser, MPH, Karen Schwartz, MD, Ann Teresa Lubrano, PhD, Meagan Devereaux, MS, Danielle Dimitrov, MA, JD, Regina Pepe-Martorana, JD, Erika Hellstrom, MBA, Lisa Holland, MLS MA, Christine Roos, MA CCBE, Caitlyn Nichols, MS, Jose Colon, BS, Karen Saur, BS, Mary Segarra, BS and Ann Torino
Board 2
Environmental Hazards and Population Health across the Rural-Urban Continuum
Michael Hendryx, PhD, Evan Fedorko, Joel Halverson, PhD, Clifton Wesley Strange, BA and Laura Wright, BA
Board 3
Keep Me Lead Free: A Lead Poisoning Prevention Program in NJ
Robin Ng, BS, CHES and Alexis Librizzi, BS
Board 4
Adaptive strategies to prevent heat-related mortality among populations at high-risk: Lessons learned from New York City, 2008
Anupama Tantri, MHS, Nathan Graber, MD, MPH, Danielle Greene, DrPH, Andrea Paykin, PhD and Nancy Clark, MA, CIH, CSP
Board 5
Board 6
Delivering complex environmental messages in cultural context
Martha Keating, MS, Tania Connaughton-Espino, MPH, Lisa Richardson, MS, RD, Karla Kreblein, MA and Marie Lynn Miranda, PhD
Board 7
Effects of Genetic Polymorphisms on Mercury Neurotoxicity in the MDA cohort
Yi Wang, Jackie Goodrich, Brenda W. Gillespie Gillespie, PhD, Robert Werner, MD, Nil Basu, PhD and Alfred Franzblau, MD
Board 8
Title: Characterization of ambient, indoor, and personal PM exposures in a NYC panel study
Shao-i Hsu, MS, Kazuhiko Ito, PhD and Morton Lippmann, PhD
Board 9
Warming Climate Changes Vermont Disease
Eliabeth Baker, Matthew Meyer, Asya MuMin, Lindsay Oliver, Daniel Oppenheimer, Steven Perrins, Whitney Young, Razelle Hoffman-Contois, MS, William Bress, PhD and Jan K. Carney, MD MPH

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Organized by: Environment
Endorsed by: Asian Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health, Community Health Workers SPIG, Women's Caucus, Genomics Forum

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