4140.0 Secondhand smoke policy implementation & evaluation: bars, homes, and rental cars

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 12:30 PM

Board 1
Tobacco and death certificate real estate
Jennifer D. Keith, MPH, Gary Klein, PhD, Michelle Henry, Janet Bargh and Kristin O. Minot, MS
Board 2
Examining impact over time: The evaluation of Pennsylvania's Clean Indoor Air Act
Jennifer D. Keith, MPH, Deborah P. Brown, Joy Blankley Meyer, Kristin O. Minot, MS, Michael Massimini, MS and Judy Ochs
Board 3
Consequences of Clean Indoor Air Policies on Alcohol-Serving Establishments
Mandy Stahre, MPH, Jean Forster, PhD, MPH, Natalie Collins, MPH and Darin J. Erickson, PhD
Board 4
Differences in smoking characteristics among adults with and without children in the home in New York City
Jennifer A. Lord, MS, Karen Davis Czarnecki, MPH, MSW, Micaela H. Coady, MS and Sarah B. Perl, MPH
Board 5
State legislative efforts to reduce children's exposure to second hand smoke
Carissa Holmes, Allison MacNeil, MPH and Shelby S. Eidson, JD
Board 6
Interactions around smoke-free home policies and cessation: Results from a qualitative study of NYC families
Kari J. Auer, MS, Elizabeth A. Kilgore, MA, Ijeoma G. Mbamalu, MPH, Jamie A. Sokol, MPH, Micaela H. Coady, MS and Sarah Perl, MPH
Board 7
Policy Efforts to Reduce Minors' Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
Jennifer Ibrahim, PhD, MPH and Christen Rexing, MPH
Board 8
Tobacco smoke pollution of rental cars: Air concentrations of nicotine and 3-EP
Penelope J.E. Quintana, PhD, MPH, Georg E. Matt, PhD, Dale A. Chatfield, PhD, Addie L. Brewer, MS, Mauricio G. Aguilar, BA and Joy M. Zakarian, MPH
Board 9
Residual Tobacco Smoke Pollution and Consistency of Smoking Policy Implementation in Rental Cars
Addie L. Brewer, MS, Marisa Sklar, BA, Huong Viet Pham, BA, Georg E. Matt, PhD, Penelope J.E. Quintana, PhD, MPH, Joy M. Zakarian, MPH, Romina Romero, MPH, Mauricio G. Aguilar, BA, Dale A. Chatfield, PhD and Melbourne F. Hovell, PhD, MPH
Board 10
Community Partners for Advancing Smokefree Environments
David Zanis, PhD, Jennifer Ibrahim, PhD, MPH and Bradley N. Collins, PhD

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Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Endorsed by: Environment