3202.1 Climate Change, Water and Health

Monday, November 9, 2009: 12:30 PM
Panel Discussion
The panel will discuss the complex relations between climate change, impacts on water resources and resulting health outcomes, including health impacts of water scarcity, melting glaciers and sea level rise, as well as climate related emergencies. The panel will present current and expected problems and propose solutions, including discussion of the World Health Assemble resolution on climate change and health, and PAHO’s regional plan of action to protect health from climate change. Methods of vulnerability assessment and climate change adaptation will be introduced and discussed
Session Objectives: 1) Discuss current problems faced by developing and developed countries regarding climate change and water. 2) Inform and discuss global initiatives on policy, research and vulnerability reduction

12:30 PM
12:50 PM
Presentation II by Dr. Luiz Augusto Cassanha Galvao
Dr. Luiz Augusto Cassanha Galvao
1:10 PM
1:30 PM
Presentation by Dr. Carlos Florencio Corvalan
Dr. Carlos Florencio Corvalan
1:50 PM
Presentation by Jonathan A. Patz
Jonathan A. Patz, MD, MPH

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