3175.0 Hot Topics for Health Administrators Posters

Monday, November 9, 2009: 12:30 PM

Board 1
Cost-benefit of TDC intervention on NHI outstanding balance in Taiwan
Shi Shen Huang, Jui-Ya Huang, MSF and Sheng-Chih Huang
Board 3
Tough time, tough choice: Health benefit for employees of county governments
Ning Lu, PhD, MPH, Michael Samuels, DrPH, Elmer Whitler, MA, MPA and Phillip Kletke, PhD
Board 4
Impact of patient travel time on social costs and efficiencies of hospitals
Patrick Bernet, PhD, James Moises, MD and Vivian Grace Valdmanis, PhD
Board 5
Struggling to stay afloat with health care reform: A community health center recruitment and retention primary care physician study
Judith Savageau, MPH, Donna E. Johnson, MSW, LICSW, Linda Cragin, MS, Joan Pernice, RN, MS, Joan Bohlke, MS, Julia Dyck, MPA/H and Warren J. Ferguson, MD
Board 6
A study on hospital strategic management: A case study of a large southern Taiwanese regional hospital
Tai-Hung Chao, MD, Chenchung Ma, PhD, Leang-Kai Chang, MD,MBA and Ya-Wen Yang, BHA
Board 8
Clinical management in public health care: Implementation and results
Pedro González de la Flor, MD, PhD, Jose Maria Jover Casas, José Luis Navarro Espigares, PhD, Prof, Mgr, José Aureliano Martín Segura, PhD, Prof and Elisa Hernandez Torres
Board 9
State public health per capita funding among three organizational structures of state public health agencies
Xueyuan (Snow) Wang, MPH, Wakina Scott, PhD, MPH and Peggy A. Honore, DHA

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