3168.1 CBPR: Creating Common Ground for Building Healthy Communities

Monday, November 9, 2009: 12:30 PM
Through this poster session, you will have the opportunities to learn about the co-learning process while addressing community needs.
Session Objectives: Describe the collaborative partnerships among various populations Describe the process in which diverse communities to become agent of change Demonstrate the importance of social relationship to address health issues

Board 1
Parents Talk about Family Support: A Conceptual Model of Transformative Spaces
Alina Bodea Crisan, MD, MPH, Thistle I. Elias, MPA and Tammy Thomas, MSW, MPH
Board 2
Learning together: A participatory Health Impact Assessment of San Francisco public housing redevelopment
Edmund Y. W. Seto, PhD, Carol Chao, LeConte Dill, Caitlin Kontgis, Maya Negev and Kim Gilhuly, MPH
Board 4
Coming Home And No Place To Live: Understanding perceptions among public housing residents about the reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals to these locations
Mary Nerney, CND, PD, Eric Canales, Ingrid Gonzalez, LMSW, Monique Kusick, Alyson Davis, MSW, Ann-Gel S. Palermo, MPH, Tahirah Abdul Rashid, PhD and David Vlahov, PhD
Board 5
Constructing a Community Mobilization Team in a CBPR Framework: How do you build collaboration, connection and capacity from within the community?
Nicole A. Vaughn, PhD, Nicole Thomas, MBA, Stephen S. Leff, PhD, Kimyatta Gallman, MS, Maurice Stewart, AA, Crystal Wyatt and LaVelle King, BS
Board 7
Revisiting rural communities: Novel discoveries and new directions in breast cancer and breast health services
Nadine Josann Barrett, PhD, MA, MS, Julie H. Steele, MRE, Peter J. Costa, MPH, CHES, Maria. Costa, BA and Pamela. Blondin, MPA
Board 8
Lessons learned from STAND: Community and individual readiness for a community-based peer support program
Stacey C. Cunningham, MS, Paula D. Zeanah, PhD, MSN, RN, Jean Valliere, MSW, LCSW, BACS, Joan Wightkin, DrPH and Jeanette H. Magnus, MD, PhD
Board 9
Community engagement: A critical element in the development, implementation, and translation of clinical health research
Patricia Piechowski, MPH, MSW, MA, Molly Dwyer-White, Donald Vereen, MD, MPH, Dana L. Thomas, MPH and Nichole Washington

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Organized by: Community-Based Public Health Caucus
Endorsed by: Asian Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health, Black Caucus of Health Workers, Community Health Planning and Policy Development, APHA-Committee on Women's Rights, Social Work, Women's Caucus