Dana B. Mukamel, PhD

University of California, Irvine
Department of Medicine, Health Policy Research Institute
100 Theory
Suite 110
Irvine, CA
USA 92697
2063.0 Heart Failure Management in Nursing Homes – Pilot Study
3031.0 Hospice Use and In-Hospital Death among Nursing Home Residents: Evidence of Racial Disparities?
3077.0 End-of-Life Care in New York State Nursing Homes: Effective Communication and the Use of Advance Directives
3311.0 Trends and Patterns in Place of Death for Nursing Home Residents: CY2003-2007
3311.0 Developing an end-of-life quality measure (QM) for nursing homes based on place of death
3311.0 Impact of Organizational Factors on Hospice Use among Nursing Home Decedents
4031.0 Does the RUGs III case-mix system adequately adjust for the cost of Medicare patients in nursing homes?
5046.0 Nursing Homes response to publication of the Nursing Home Compare report card: The “Teaching to the test” strategy
5046.0 Impact of payment source on hospitalization risks among nursing home residents: Lessons from four states