David Malebranche, MD, MPH

Emory University
Division of General Medicine
49 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive
Suite 413
Atlanta, GA
USA 30303
3014.1 "Invisible Men" no more: Including all sexually active Black men in community-based sexual health research
3038.0 “An uphill battle everyday”: Exploring the implications of structural factors for sexual HIV risk among Black heterosexual men
3038.0 “And that is a good question. What does it take to be a man? What is a real man?”: Learning about gender role norms and sexual risk from the voices of Black heterosexual men
3125.0 Connecting Hidden Communities for Research Collaboration: A Community-Based Study of Sexual Health Among Bisexual Men
3218.0 "I'm trying to live a real total life": Black MSM negotiating HIV testing practices amidst conflicting social contexts
3404.0 Beyond sexual labels: Exploring the social context of sexual health and HIV prevention among a sample of sexually and geographically diverse Black men in Georgia
4100.0 Bisexually Active Black Men in the United States and HIV: Time to Think Deeper