Craig S. Fryer, DrPH, MPH

University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health
Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences & Research Center of Excellence on Minority Health Disparities
130 DeSoto Street
219 Parran Hall
Pittsburgh, PA
USA 15261
4166.0 Utilizing Family Health History to Assess Objective Risk for Chronic Disease among African Americans: Building a Culturally Tailored, Community-Based Intervention
4359.0 To Participate or Not: Factors Associated with Minority Communities' Willingness to Engage in Research
4359.0 Bioethics of Minority Participation in Research: Opportunities and Challenges
4359.0 Challenges and Opportunities in Recruitment and Retention: Perspectives from the Research Community
4359.0 Putting Ourselves under the Microscope: Researchers Examine Their Experiences regarding the Engagement and Recruitment of Underrepresented Minority Populations
5029.1 Architecture of a Community-based Framework Designed to Increase Recruitment of African Americans into Research