4080.0 Social Justice, Itís Whatís Not for Dinner: Understanding and Overcoming Food System Disparities to Promote Health (A collaboration by the Food & Environment Working Group, ENV, OHS, IH, CBPHC, PHEHP, EPI, and SW)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
This interactive, multidisciplinary session brings together leaders from around the country to briefly describe food system social justice concerns and engage with audience members in discussing how multiple sectors of the public health field can collaborate to make change. Social justice implications of our current food system reach far beyond nutrition and diet-related diseases, affecting the health of our nation in multiple ways. The food system serving the U.S. now provides calories far in excess of government recommendations, but these are often not healthy calories, for those producing them, living near production facilities, working to process and distribute them, or eating them. They are often a detriment to the environment as well. While all Americans are impacted by the unhealthy, unsustainable food system, certain populations face disproportionate risks. Social injustices are present throughout the food system from production to consumption. Addressing these injustices will not only improve the health of those directly affected, but also will lead to improved health for all Americans and the environment.
Session Objectives: Explain at least three core injustices in the current industrial food system. Identify populations most at risk of health threats from food system disparities. Define at least three roles for public health professionals in creating a more just food system.

Introductory Remarks
Panel Discussion

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Organized by: APHA-Special Sessions
Endorsed by: Caucus on Public Health and the Faith Community, Epidemiology

CE Credits: Medical (CME), Health Education (CHES), Nursing (CNE), Public Health (CPH)

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