4109.0 Parenting and Child Well-Being

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
The papers in this session underscore the important role that parents play in fostering children's well-being. Focusing on childhood obesity, a new conceptual model is proposed which emphasizes the influences of parents and the home environment. Population-representative data are analyzed to identify risk factors for early developmental delay and to examine characteristics that contribute to parental coping in families with children who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Race/ethnic differences in anxiety and social support are also explored among mothers with preterm infants.
Session Objectives: At the conclusion of this session participants will be able to: 1) describe differences in anxiety levels among African-American and Latina mothers with premature infants; 2) identify sociodemographic and other risk factors associated with developmental delays in preschool children; 3) discuss a conceptual model related to early childhood obesity that can be used to develop interventions focused on parents and the home environment; and 4) describe the relationships between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, parental coping, and parental employment difficulties associated with childcare problems.
Ruth Perou, PhD and Marianne M. Hillemeier, PhD, MPH
Ruth Perou, PhD

Anxiety & Social Support among African-American and Latina Mothers with Premature Infants at Social-Environmental Risk
Camille Fabiyi, MPH, Kristin M. Rankin, PhD, Kathleen F. Norr, PhD and Rosemary White-Traut, PhD
Low maternal education as a unique and general risk factor for developmental delays in preschoolers: Population-based estimates
Paul L. Morgan, PhD, Marianne M. Hillemeier, PhD, MPH, George Farkas, PhD and Steven A. Maczuga, MS
Parental Coping and Child care Difficulties in a Sample of Preschool Children with ADHD
Lara R. Robinson, Phd MPH, Angelika H. Claussen, PhD, Falicia Gibbs, Susanna Visser, MS, Rebecca Bitsko, PhD and Lisa Matthews, MS

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Organized by: Maternal and Child Health
Endorsed by: Social Work

CE Credits: Medical (CME), Health Education (CHES), Nursing (CNE), Public Health (CPH)