Sara A. Quandt, PhD

Wake Forest School of Medicine
Division of Public Health Sciences
Medical Center Blvd
Winston-Salem, NC
USA 27157
3197.1 Prevalence of Skin Illnesses among Latino Immigrant Poultry Processing Workers in Rural North Carolina
3366.0 Occupational skin disease explanatory models of immigrant Latino poultry processing workers: Addressing occupational health disparities
4134.1 Employer Provision of Personal Protective Equipment and its Use by Latino Construction Workers
4197.0 La Familia Sana Promotora Program, an in-depth examination of factors affecting Promotoras' self-perceived effectiveness and personal development
4401.0 Providing pesticide safety training to farmworker families: Evaluation of an intervention to translate research to practice
5140.0 Compliance with housing regulations for migrant farmworkers in North Carolina