Thelma Gamboa-Maldonado, DrPH (c), MPH, CHES

Loma Linda University
School of Public Health, Dept. Health Promotion & Ed
24951 North Circle Drive
Loma Linda, CA
USA 92350
2062.0 Community-based Participatory Research to Develop Emergency Preparedness and Capacity in under-served communities
3069.0 Increasing Public Health Capacity for Emergency Preparedness in Southern California Latino Communities Using Local Community Health Workers
3285.0 Community Health Workers' Role in Local Emergency Preparedness for Southern California Latino Communities
3430.0 Building environmental health emergency capacity and resilience in urban communities of the Inland Empire of Southern California
4170.0 Prepare today for peace of mind tomorrow: Emergency preparedness among Latino immigrants
4256.0 Will a community based participatory research approach make us better prepared?
5189.0 Community-based participatory research to develop emergency preparedness capacity for low income mainly monolingual Spanish speaking Latino communities