James Rimmer, PhD

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Occupational Therapy
SHPB 331
Birmingham, AL
USA 35204
2064.0 Database of Systematic Evidence on Physical Activity and Disability (DOSE-PAD)
3228.0 Weight Loss Following a Physical Activity and Nutrition Telephone Intervention in Adults with Mobility Disabilities
4163.0 An objective time use study of people with mobility disabilities using GPS trackers
4164.0 Assessing the relationship between BMI and geographic information systems data for people with mobility impairments using a multi-level linear model
4378.0 Advancing Disability in the Nation's Health Disparity Agenda Addressing Environmental Disparities Associated with Obesity in Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities
5083.0 Relationship between neighborhood characteristics and prevalence of obesity in adolescents with disabilities
5113.0 Preliminary findings on the health status and health behaviors of adults with intellectual disabilities: A national study