Kate L. Lapane, PhD

Virginia Commonwealth University
Department of Epidemiology and Community Health
P.O. Box 980212
Richmond, VA
USA 23298-0212
2056.1 “Everything is on the computer”: Understanding perceptions from an ethnically diverse sample of older adults
2056.1 Communicating about medications: Perceptions of racial/ethnically diverse community dwelling older adults
3183.0 Approaches to pain management in women with osteoarthritis
3222.0 Racial differences in pain management approaches in patients with osteoarthritis
3297.0 Age at first intercourse and subsequent contraceptive nonuse
4386.0 Alternatives to potentially inappropriate medications for use in e-prescribing software: Triggers and treatment algorithms
5094.0 Tailored DVDs: A novel strategy for educating racially and ethnically diverse older adults about their medicines