Colleen Crittenden Murray, DrPH, MPH

Emory University Rollins School of Public Health
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education
1518 Clifton Road NE
Room 436
Atlanta, GA
USA 30322
219.0 Embracing the skin you are in: Examining the relationship between ethnic pride and self-esteem among young African American women
3198.0 "My mama has boyfriends and is still having babies": Sociocultural aspects of dual protection among young African-American women
3198.0 Relationship between pregnancy intent and future sexual risk behavior among African-American adolescent females
3289.0 Risky Partners, Sexual Behavior and HIV/STD Risk Among African-American Adolescent Females
4068.0 Place matters: Association between meeting location of casual sex partners and sexual risk among African-American adolescent females
4149.0 Concrete Jungle: Conceptualizing the Correlation between Urban Stress and Alcohol and Substance Abuse among African-American Men
4171.0 Do actions speak louder than words? An exploratory look at the relationship between condom use practices, personal responsibility, and pregnancy desire among African-American men
4283.1 Religiosity and sexual risk behaviors in African American adolescent females