Quinn Gentry, MBA, PhD

Johns Hopkins University
Urban Health Institute
3900 N. Charles Street
Apt. 507
Baltimore, MD
USA 21218
Email: quinngp@aol.com

1006.0 Case Study: The GEMS Program
1006.0 Case Study: The RISE Program
1006.0 Fundamentals of Black Feminism and how they are applicable in Public Health
1006.0 Generating Knowledge Using Black Feminism in Preparation for Applying in Public Health
1006.0 How Black Feminism Complements Traditional Public Health Paradigms
1006.0 Taking it Home: How will your work be different based on BFT
1006.0 Generating Knowledge Using Black Feminism in Prepration for Applying in Public Health Continued
3255.0 Social Construction of Motherhood among Women with Mental Illness and Co-occurring Disorders
3329.0 Building Partnerships, Empowering Girls: The GEMS Program as a Best Practice in Community Partnerships
4018.0 You Gotta Have Faith!: An Ethnographic Study of Faith-Based Workers Influence on Adolescent Sexual Health
4150.0 Addressing the Social Determinants of Behavioral Change among Parents Participating in Family Drug Court
4221.0 Advocating for the Inclusion of Marginalized Adolescents Mothers in the Broader Breastfeeding Discussion
4243.0 RISE Intervention: A Practice-based Intervention to address HIV & Violence against Women