Earl Leonard III, MS

L.A. Care Health Plan
Healthcare Outcomes & Analysis
1055 West 7th Street, 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA
USA 90017
Email: ELeonard@LACare.org

2073.0 Thinking CAHPS: Using patient surveys to correlate providers' cultural competence with patients' health literacy, 2008-2010
4056.0 Behavioral science underpinnings for addressing barriers to patient adherence on HEDIS well-care visit measures: Evidence from patient surveys, 2006-2010
4079.0 Giving voice to older patients in a child-rich Medicaid health plan: Using CAHPS satisfaction surveys to identify areas for improvement in health services for older patients, 2008-2010
4162.0 Using annual CAHPS surveys for root cause analysis: Problems with informational materials reported by Medicaid patients living with disabilities, 2008-2009
5039.0 Analyzing access barriers: Issues reported on CAHPS by patients with disabilities in a large urban Medicaid health plan, 2008-2010