2051.0 Individual, social, and community factors related to women's health across the lifecycle

Sunday, October 30, 2011: 2:30 PM
Posters in this session provide an overview of predictors and correlates of women’s health across the lifespan. Specific topics to be discussed include psychosocial stressors, cancer-preventive behaviors, mental health, disease management strategies in different ethnic populations, and a women’s lifespan public health curriculum. In addition, other factors are presented that can be used to inform women’s health interventions across the lifecourse with an emphasis on novel, nontraditional approaches.
Session Objectives: 1. Identify different levels of influences on women’s health including individual, social, and community-level factors; 2. Differentiate individual, social, and community-level influences of women’s health across the lifecycle; and 3. Discuss innovative approaches to identifying the contributions of various levels on women’s health across the lifespan.
Shakiera Causey, MA, QMHP

Board 3
Ethnic Differences in Management Strategies for Menopausal Symptoms
Eun-Ok Im, PhD MPH RN FAAN, Young Ko, PhD, RN, Hyenam Hwang, MSN, RN and Wonshik Chee, PhD
Board 4
Oral-systemic women's health across the lifespan: A systematic review of the literature
Rita DeBate, PhD, MPH, CHES, Ellen Daley, PhD, Karen Dyer, MA, MPH, Stephanie L. Marhefka, PhD, Sarah A. Smith, MPH, Hannah L. Helmy, MA, MPH and Laura Marsh, BS
Board 5
Missing Provider Connections in Women's Health: Identifying Disconnects between Oral Health Providers and Medical Providers
Ellen Daley, PhD, MPH, Rita DeBate, PhD, MPH, CHES, Annelise Driscoll, MBA, PhD, Jordana Frost, MPH, CPH, CLC, Elizabeth Baker, MPH, CPH, Judith Ebbert, MPH, BS, RN and Erica Hesch Anstey, MA, CLC
Board 6
Breast cancer risk factor knowledge among Korean American women in New York City
Eunjee Shin, Med, Kay Chun, MD, Angela Park, BS, Shao-Chee Sim, PhD, Laureen Hom, MPH, Simona Kwon, DrPH, MPH and Nadia Islam, PhD
Board 7
CHILD Maltreatment Among Asian-American Women: HIV RISK Behaviors, Depression and Suicidality
Hyeouk Chris Hahm, PhD, LCSW, Eric Kolaczyk, PhD, Jisun Jang, BS, MA Candidate and Lisa Ng, BA Candidate
Board 8
Psychological and family determinants of a sedentary life style among low-income women with young children
Kaigang Li, PhD, Janine Jurkowski, MPH, PhD and Kirsten Davison, PhD

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