4165.0 Occupational and Recreational Injuries Posters

Tuesday, November 1, 2011: 12:30 PM

Board 1
Risks of Violence Against Educators Based on Hours Exposed
Chia Wei, Susan G. Gerberich, PhD, Nancy M. Nachreiner, PhD, MPH, Bruce H. Alexander, PhD, Andrew D. Ryan, MS and Steven J. Mongin, MS
Board 2
Work-related fatal injury among young persons in Australia, July 2000-June 2007
Johnathon P. Ehsani, MPH, Briohny McNeilly, Joseph Ibrahim, MD, PhD and Joan Ozanne-Smith, MD, MPH
Board 3
Incidence and causes of air-evacuated non-battle injuries among U.S. Army soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, 2001 2009
Bonnie J. Taylor, PhD, Nicole M. Kosacz, MPH, Keith G. Hauret, MSPH, MPT, Shuva Dawadi, MPH, Kelly A. Loringer, ND, MPH, CPH and Bruce H. Jones, MD, MPH
Board 4
Rushing, Distraction, Walking on Contaminated Floors and Risk of Slipping in Limited-service Restaurants a Case-Crossover Study
Santosh K. Verma, ScD, MPH, MBBS, David A. Lombardi, PhD, Wen R. Chang, PhD, Theodore K. Courtney, MS, CSP, Yueng-hsiang (Emily) Huang, PhD, Melanye J. Brennan, MS, Murray A. Mittleman, DrPH, James Ware, PhD and Melissa J. Perry, ScD
Board 5
Injury severity among working teenagers as related to safety training
Teresa McGeeney, BA, Erin Welsh, BS and Kristina Zierold, PhD, MS
Board 6
Examination of Trauma Registry Data to Guide ATV Injury Prevention Efforts in Middle Tennessee
Purnima Unni, MPH, CHES, Stephen Morrow, MD and Barbara Shultz, RN, BSN
Board 7
Comparison of self-reported musculoskeletal injury history between female and male US Army Soldiers
Mita Lovalekar, MBBS, PhD, MPH, John Abt, PhD, ATC, Timothy Sell, PhD, PT, Anthony House, MS, ATC, Takashi Nagai, MS, ATC, Jonathan Pederson, ATC and Scott Lephart, PhD, ATC
Board 8
Personal Floatation Devices: A Community Based Prevention Marketing Approach to Increase Wear Rates
Mary Martinasek, MPH, CHES, CPH, Moya Alfonso, MSPH, PhD, James Lindenberger, Justin McBride and Joy Hazell
Board 9
Impact of non-battle injuries among Army soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, 2001-2009
Keith G. Hauret, MSPH, MPT, Bonnie J. Taylor, PhD, Shuva Dawadi, MPH, Nicole Kosacz, MPH and Phillip Garrett, MA

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Organized by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services