5005.0 *Poster Session*: Protecting the air and water

Wednesday, November 2, 2011: 8:30 AM
Jyotsna Jagai, MS, MPH, PhD
Arthur M. Wendel, MD, MPH

Board 2
Particulate pollutants and racial/ethnic disparity in feto-infant morbidity outcomes
Hamisu Salihu, MD, PhD, Nafisa Ghaji, MBBS, MPH, Alfred Mbah, PhD, Euna August, MPH, Amina Alio, PhD and Boubakari Ibrahimou, PhD
Board 3
Impact of ozone transport mitigation policy through the NOx SIP rule on respiratory hospitalizations in New York State
Shao Lin, PhD, Rena Jones, MS, Cristian Pantea, MS, Valerie Garcia, PhD, Haluk Özkaynak, PhD and Syni-An A. Hwang, PhD
Board 4
A novel use for data collected under the Clean Water Act for public health analysis
Jyotsna Jagai, MS, MPH, PhD, Barbara J. Rosenbaum, Suzanne M. Pierson, Lynne C. Messer, PhD, Kristen Rappazzo, Elena N. Naumova, PhD and Danelle Lobdell, PhD
Board 5
Board 6
Effects of Wastewater Drainage and Oxidation Lagoons on Community Health in Rural Peru
Kristen Gunther, MPH, Diane Gonzales, MPH(c), Seth Marcus, MPH(c), Mayra Barcenas, MPH(c), Deanna Montes, MPH(c), Maria Aquino, MPH(c), Ryan G. Sinclair, PhD and Juan Carlos Belliard, PhD, MPH
Board 7
Healthy Home Environment: Indoor Air Quality Assessment among Refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Shailesh Advani, MD, MPH(c) and Emmanuel Afam Iyiegbuniwe, PhD

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