4261.0 Medical Care Section Poster Session #6: Provider Decisions and Procedures

Tuesday, November 1, 2011: 2:30 PM

Board 1
An innovative, systems-based conceptual framework of physician cancer screening decision-making
Amal Khoury, PhD, MPH, Joel J. Hillhouse, PhD and Allison Seidel
Board 2
Rapid hepatitis C screening using an oral swab: Public health implications for community-based organizations serving high-risk populations
Ann Drobnik, MPH, Caroline Judd, MPH, David Banach, MD, MPH, Joseph Egger, PhD, Kevin Konty, MS and Eric Rude, MSW
Board 3
Establishing a Collaborative to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Clostridium difficile Infection in Illinois Hospitals
Brandi Jordan, MPH, CPH, Lauren Gallagher, MPH, CPH, CIC and Mary Driscoll, RN, MPH
Board 4
Examining the Access to Care and Quality of Care in the Latino Community in New Orleans
Yu-wen Chiu, DrPH,MPH, Tung-Sung Tseng, DrPH,MS, Daesy Behrhorst, Chih-Yang Hu, ScD,MSPH and Jessica Behrhorst
Board 5
Race and education differences in intentions to seek care for gross hematuria: Implications for timely diagnosis of bladder cancer
Amanda Scates-Preisinger, MPH, Heather Orom, PhD, John Gaeddert, BA, MPH, Cheryl Lee, MD, Paulina Olszewska, BA, MS and Willie Underwood, MD, MS, MPH
Board 9
Arkansas Physicians' Perceptions of State-wide Childhood Obesity Legislation and Initiatives
Blake A. Talbot, MPH, Amanda Philyaw Perez, MPH, Jada Walker, MEd, Martha M. Phillips, PhD, MPH, MBA and James M. Raczynski, PhD
Board 10
A Medical Staff Peer Review System in a Public Teaching Hospital An Internal Quality Improvement Tool
LInda S. Chan, PhD, Manal Elabiad, MS, Ling Zheng, MD, PhD, Brittany Wagman, BS, Nicholas Testa, MD and Stephanie L. Hall, MD

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