Nadia Islam, PhD

NYU School of Medicine
Center for the Study of Asian American Health, NYU Institute of Community Health and Research
550 First Ave
VZN Bldg, 8F
New York, NY
USA 10016

2065.0 Prevalence and Predictors of Type 2 Diabetes for Filipino Americans in the Northeast
3276.0 Evaluation of a community-based participatory research student training program
3322.0 Community Health Worker Effectiveness in Preventing and Managing Chronic Diseases Across Asian-American Ethnic Groups
3389.0 Results of a pilot study to promote diabetes prevention among New York City Koreans using a community health worker model
3390.0 Improving Retention and Data Collection Rates for a Community Health Worker Intervention to Improve Diabetes Management and Control among Bangladeshis in New York City
3390.0 Perspectives of the community health worker (CHW) role among Filipino-Americans with hypertension in NYC: A Conceptual Framework
4289.0 A randomized controlled trial community health worker intervention to improve diabetes management in the New York City Bangladeshi community
5144.0 Mental health status among Asian American subgroups in New York City