S. Rae Starr, MPhil, MOrgBehav

L.A. Care Health Plan
HealthCare Outcomes & Analysis
1055 West Seventh Street
10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA
USA 90017

2069.0 Using provider satisfaction surveys to identify areas for improving access and treatment for patients with disabilities in managed care
3054.1 To ER is human: Using patient surveys to identify actionable causes underlying unnecessary use of emergency rooms by patients in a large urban Medicaid health plan
3328.0 Navigating managed care: Using CAHPS surveys to monitor patients with disabilities, newly-transitioned from Medicaid Fee-For-Service (FFS) into a large urban Medicaid health plan
4178.0 New uses for not-so-old survey data: Pooling annual CAHPS data via Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test, comparing actionable sub-populations of patients in a large urban Medicaid health plan
4271.0 Patients and patience: The impact of delays on avoidance of preventive care -- CAHPS findings in a large urban Medicaid health plan, 2008-2011
5078.0 Persuasion, prevention, and patient adherence: The comparative impacts of incentives, reminders, and barriers, on patients' willingness to get annual checkups