Rodrigo Armijos, MD, ScD

The University of Texas at El Paso
Department of Public Health Sciences
500 West University Avenue
El Paso, TX
USA 79968

3280.0 Musculoskeletal injuries in aging Mexican immigrant agricultural workers: Association with pain, disability and health-related quality of life
4073.0 Isolation of T. Cruzi and Leishmania in wild mammals and domestic dogs in El Paso County Regions 9 and 10
4360.0 Evaluation of Diagnostic Properties of the Sputum Smear versus Culture Method for Tuberculosis in an Ecuadorian Urban Public Health Facility
4361.0 Urban Air Pollution, Systemic Inflammation, and Sub-Clinical Atherosclerosis in Ecuadorian Children
5005.0 “Lead, arsenic and cadmium pollution and health status of children living in low income households in Quito, Ecuador”
5018.0 Household food insufficiency in Ecuador: Prevalence, risk correlates, coping strategies, and food acquisition patterns
5018.0 Household Food Security, Hunger, and Dietary Diversity and Quality in Rural Farming Communities in the Ecuadorian High Andes