4174.0 Mental and physical well-being, stressful lives and social support by gender and life stage

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Board 3
Co-occurrence of self-reported depression, chronic diseases and physical limitation among adults living in Puerto Rico
Alelí M. Ayala-Marín, MPH, LND, Verónica Munet-Díaz, MPH, Carmen N. Velez-Santori, Post Doct, PhD and Gilberto Ramos-Valencia, DrPH
Board 4
Association between diabetes and depressive symptomatology among Hispanic Adults in Puerto Rico
Edith Lopez-Toro, MPHEc, Oscar Martínez, MPHg, Jose F. Colón-Burgos, BA, MS, DrPHstudent, Moraima Rios- Gonzalez, MS and Victor Emanuel Reyes-Ortiz, PhDc
Board 5
Partnering with promotores: An innovative new practice for increasing disaster resilience in Latino communities
Rachel Long, MPH, Biblia Kim, MPH, Thelma Gamboa-Maldonado, DrPH (c), MPH, CHES, Walleska I. Bliss, MPH, MSW(c), Kimberley Shoaf, DrPH, Jesse C. Bliss, MPH and Susanne Montgomery, PhD, MPH, MS
Board 7
Measuring Gender Differences in Stress in Latina/o Adolescents
Grace L. Reynolds, DPA, Richard Cervantes, PhD, Dennis G. Fisher, PhD and Dana Fagen, BA

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