2083.0 Poster Session: Occupational Health Surveillance

Sunday, October 28, 2012: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Board 1
Respiratory Protection and Occupational Health Nurses
Barbara Burgel, RN, PhD, COHN-S, FAAN, Holly Carpenter, RN BSN, Debra Novak, RN, DSN, Candace Burns, PhD, ARNP, Annette Byrd, RN, MPH, Mary Ann Gruden, CRNP, MSN, NP-C, COHN-S/CM, Ann Lachat, RN, BSN, FAAOHN, COHN-S/CM, Patty Quinlan, MPH, CIH and Deborah Taormina, RN, BSN, COHN-S, MS candidate
Board 3
Days with asthma symptoms among adults with work-related and non-work-related asthma -- Asthma Call-back Survey, 20062009
Gretchen E. Knoeller, MPH, Jacek M. Mazurek, MD, MS, PhD and Jeanne E. Moorman, MS
Board 4
Measurement of Stress Symptoms and Investigation of Occupational Health and Work Performance Between Office Workers and Pharmaceutical Representatives in A Pharmaceutical Company from Turkey
Ethem Erginoz, Associate Professor, Sibel Cevizci, Assistant Professor, Sarper Erdogan, Professor and Ibrahim Balcioglu, Professor
Board 5
Analysis of a US Department of Energy Emergent Technologies Cohort
Clifton Strader, PhD, Donna Cragle, PhD, Elizabeth Ellis, MS, PhD, Martin D. Barrie, MS, JD, PhD, William Tankersley, MS, CIH, Phil Wallace, MBA and Gregory Nichols, MPH, CPH
Board 6
Return to work patterns for those with occupational respiratory disease: Clinical and structural factors
Jeanette Zoeckler, MPH, Donald Cibula, PhD, Christopher P. Morley, PhD and Michael B. Lax, MD MPH
Board 8
Work in multiple jobs and the risk of occupational injury in the U.S. working population
Helen Marucci-Wellman, ScD, Tin-Chi Lin, PhD, Joanna L. Willetts, MS, Melanye J. Brennan, MS and Santosh K. Verma, ScD, MPH, MBBS
Board 10
Positively influencing safety culture in the manufacturing workplace
Judith Daltuva, MA,MSW, Katherine King, MS, PE, BCEE and Thomas Robins, MPH, MD

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