3180.3 Healthcare Utilization and Costs for Older Adults

Monday, October 29, 2012: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Board 2
Medical costs, hospitalization and patient mortality among chronic kidney disease patients receiving multidisciplinary care
Yu Yang, Taiwan, ROC, Shu-Chuan Wang, Taiwan, ROC, Wen-Yu Chou, Taiwan, ROC, Ping-Fang Chiu, Taiwan, ROC, Wen-Chen Tsai, Taiwan, ROC, Chih-Ying Huang, Taiwan, ROC, Su-Mei Shu, Taiwan, ROC, Li-Fang Lai, Taiwan, ROC and Pen-Lin Lin, Taiwan, ROC
Board 4
Poorer utilization outcomes of Medicare-certified home health care in areas with high levels of Native American/Alaska Native residents
Samuel Towne, MPH, CPH, Janice C. Probst, PhD, Jordan Mitchell, MBA and Zhimin Chen, MS
Board 5
Predicting drug cost under the Medicare Part D benefit
Rajul A. Patel, PharmD, PhD, Mark P. Walberg, PharmD, PhD, Aesun Kim, PharmD Candidate 2013, Yvonne Mai, PharmD Candidate 2013, Justin Seo, PharmD Candidate 2013, Nataliya McElroy, BS, PharmD Candidate 2013, Anil Mallya, BS, PharmD Candidate 2013, Joseph A. Woelfel, PhD, RPh, Sian M. Carr-Lopez, PharmD and Suzanne M. Galal, PharmD
Board 6
Rising Costs in Hospital Utilization for Adults with Hypertension in South Florida
Rushita Shah, MS, MPH, Cyril Blavo, MS,DO, MPH & TM, FACOP, Michael De Lucca, MHM and Regine Kanzki, MPH
Board 8
Board 9
Satisfaction with mail-order pharmacy services among aged underserved African Americans
Mohsen Bazargan, PhD, Professor, Hamed Yazdanshenas, MD, Kira Watson, Denny Wisner, James Smith, MD and Gail Orum-Alexander, PharmD

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