2041.0 Latebreaker Posters

Sunday, October 28, 2012: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Board 1
Medical care utilization and expenditures associated with occupational injuries among U.S. workers with disabilities
Junxin Shi, MD, PhD, Krista K. Wheeler, MS, Bo Lu, PhD, Lorann Stallones, MPH, PhD, David Bishai, MD MPH PhD and Huiyun Xiang, MD, MPH, PhD
Board 2
Injury Prevention Counseling during Well-Child Visits to U.S. Physicians: 2005-2009
Kathleen F. Carlson, MS, PhD, Aisling Fernandez, BS and Marian E. Betz, MD, MPH
Board 5
Injuries among children: An unrecognized threat in low- and middle-income countries
Kavi Bhalla, PhD, Guoqing Hu, PhD, Timothy D. Baker, MD and Susan P. Baker, MPH
Board 6
Poisoning mortality in Appalachia compared to the US, 1999 - 2009
Kelly K. Gurka, MPH, PhD, Margaret Warner, PhD, Miheret Yitayew, MD, Hope Tiesman, PhD and Jeffrey H. Coben, MD
Board 7
Utility of a Child Abuse Screening Algorithm in an Urban Pediatric Emergency Department
Karla Lawson, PhD, Nicole Higginbotham, RN, NP, Kelly Gttig, RN, NP, Sarah Duzinski, MPH, Eric Higginbotham, MD, George Edwards, MD, Tim George, MD and Nilda Garcia, MD
Board 8
Current Evidence On Publicized Sobriety Checkpoint Programs: Are They Still Effective?
Adesola Pitan, MBChB, MPH, Shuli Qu, Gwendolyn Bergen, PhD, MPH, MS and Ruth Shults, PhD, MPH

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