A community-driven national agenda for research equity and impact

Elmer Freeman, MSW, PhD(c)1, Grace Damio, M.S., CD/N2, Susan Gust3, Ernest Hopkins4, Ogonnaya Newman, MPH5, Ann-Gel S. Palermo, MPH, DrPH6, Fernando Pineda-Reyes, BS7, Alex Pirie8, Al Richmond, MSW9, Zachary Rowe, BBA10, Jean Schensul, PhD11, Raquel Trinidad12, Eric Wat, MA12 and Gayle Woodsum13
(1)Center for Community Health Education Research and Service, Boston, MA, (2)Hispanic Health Council, Hartford, CT, (3)Partners Three Consulting Company, Minneapolis, MN, (4)Phoenix Group Foundation, Atlanta, GA, (5)WE ACT for Environmental Justice, New York, NY, (6)Harlem Community & Academic Partnership, Inc., New York, NY, (7)CREA Results, Wheat Ridge, CO, (8)Immigrant Service Providers Group/Health, Somerville, MA, (9)Healthy Workplace Initiatives, Durham, NC, (10)Friends of Parkside, Detroit, MI, (11)Institute for Community Research, Hartford, CT, (12)Special Service for Groups, Los Angeles, CA, (13)Action Resources International, Laramie, WY