A model for cancer assessments that generate effective local action targeting cancer disparities: Role of the quality of cancer care continuum

Carlin Rafie, Ph.D., R.D.1, Amy H Smith, PhD, CHES1, Resa Jones, MPH, PhD1, Arpita Aggarwal, M.D.2, Justine Young, RN, BSN, MPH1, Susan Mathena, BSMT3, Karen Gregory, HS-BCP, MPH1, Jim Martin, Ph.D.4, Brian Cassel, Ph.D.1, Maghboeba Mosavel, Ph.D.5, Robert Houlihan, DHA, MBA, FACHE6, Timur Korshin1 and Mary Helen Hackney, M.D.1
(1)Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, (2)Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, Richmond, (3)Virginia Commonwealth University, Danville, VA, (4)Virginia Department of Health, Richmond, VA, (5)Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Medicine, Richmond, VA, (6)Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmone, VA