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Engaging the community in preparation for the health care reform

Monday, November 4, 2013

Scott Cheng, MPH, Department of Family Medicine, University of Southern California, Alhambra, CA
Michael Cousineau, DrPH, Keck School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine and Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Kai-Ya Tsai, MSPH, Department of Family Medicine, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Lori Nascimento, MPH, The California Endowment, Los Angeles, CA
Background: As the country moves forward with implementing the health reform, there will be several opportunities for communities to implement programs that will assist in helping the newly eligible enroll into public health insurance. Enrollment events may serve as a venue to both enroll the community in public health insurance and educate them on the changes the health reform will bring.

Study Strategy: Over 2,900 surveys were administered to attendees of six community planned public health insurance enrollment events. Surveys were used to identify whether participants had any change in understanding of the health care reform after participating in the event, and determine successful marketing strategies to maximize the attendance at the enrollment events.

Results: Over half of attendees at the events had no knowledge about the health care reform prior to attending the event. On average, over 80% of attendees knew more regarding the health reform following the event, and over 80% believed the law would be beneficial to their families. Television and word-of-mouth were the most effective marketing tools, with health care enrollment the greatest factor for event participation.

Lessons Learned: Public health enrollment events may serve as an effective opportunity to educate the public on changes to their health care as a result of the health reform. Further research will be conducted to determine how much attendees retain from the events. An effective marketing strategy for continued future success at the enrollment events should focus on using local organizations to start word-of-mouth campaigns and utilizing television advertisements.

Learning Areas:

Administer health education strategies, interventions and programs
Advocacy for health and health education
Assessment of individual and community needs for health education
Planning of health education strategies, interventions, and programs
Provision of health care to the public

Learning Objectives:
Demonstrate that community planned public health insurance enrollment events are an effective tool to educate the general public on the health care reform. Define factors that will determine a successful community planned public health insurance enrollment event.

Keyword(s): Community-Based Partnership, Community Education

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