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Chronic Disease Epidemiology Poster Session 3

Sunday, November 3, 2013: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Board 1
Causes of death among cancer survivors in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study   
Mary Jung, MPH, Sunmin Lee, ScD, MPH and Yikyung Park, ScD, MPH
Board 2
Reverse epidemiological findings in lipids among malnourished patients   
Rodney G. Bowden, PhD and Ronald L. Wilson, MD
Board 3
External beam radiation treatment of prostate cancer increases rectal cancer risk   
John W. Morgan, DrPH, Brice Jabo, MD, MPH and Mark Ghamsary, PhD
Board 4
Demographic and geographic variations in lung cancer mortality among US Hispanics. 1999-2009   
Maria C. Mejia de Grubb, MD, MPH, Barbara Kilbourne, PhD, Courtney Kihlberg, MD, MSPH and Robert Levine, MD
Board 5
Findings from the New Jersey amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) surveillance project   
Heather Jordan, MPH, CHES, Lindsay Rechtman, MPH, CHES, Jerald Fagliano, MPH, PhD and Daniel Lefkowitz, PhD
Board 6
Trends of pancreatic cancer in Maryland: 1999 -2008   
Sharmila Chatterjee, MBBS, MPH, CPH, PGDHHM and Amit Chattopadhyay, PhD, MPH, CPH, FFPH-RCPUK, MDS, BDS, PGDHHM, PGDMLS
Board 7
Postpartum maternal depressive symptoms and weight gain in the first 18 months of life in the mother-child cohort in crete (Rhea study), Greece   
Maria Vassilaki, MD, MPH, PhD, Leda Chatzi, MD, PhD, Vaggelis Georgiou, MS, Alexandros Xyrafas, MS, Theano Roumeliotaki, MPH, Emmanouil Bagkeris, MS, Katerina Koutra, MSc, PhD candidate, Panos Bitsios, MD, PhD, Antonis Koutis, MD, PhD and Manolis Kogevinas, MD, PhD
Board 8
Race/ethnicity as a confounder in the association between adult obesity and selected rural populations in Texas   
Kathryn Cardarelli, PhD, Oladimeji Akinboro, MPH, Allison Ottenbacher, PhD, Kim Linnear, MPA, Roderick Harrison, PhD, Marcus Martin, PhD, MPH, MA, Thomas James, PhD, Edilissa Martin, PharmD, Jim Murdoch, PhD and Avani Parikh, MPH
Board 9
Board 10
Prevalence of sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease among African American live births in Shelby Co., TN   
Matthew Smeltzer, MStat, Vikki Nolan, DSc, Kerri Nottage, MD, Winfred Wang, MD, James G. Gurney, PhD and Jane Hankins, MD, MS

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