Online Program

Global perspectives on Asian and/or Pacific Islander health

Monday, November 4, 2013: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
The Asian and Pacific Islander (API) population is a global community. The diversity of API populations – in terms of origin and destination of migration, ethnicity, culture and languages spoken – presents a unique opportunity for sharing lessons learned in public health research and practice. This session will present novel research findings relevant to API health and creative local approaches to addressing public health challenges in API populations around the world.
Session Objectives: Identify public health concerns of API populations around the world. Discuss a wide range of practical approaches to addressing public health challenges facing API populations around the world.
Luceli Cuasay, DrPH, MPH

Board 1
Can Filipino nurses and doctors impact health disparities in the Filipino community?   
Beverly Gor, EdD, RD, LD, Luceli Cuasay, DrPH, MPH, Cherry Sloan, RN, CCM, BC, OCN, Donna Canlas, MD, PA, Riza Mauricio, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC, Gayle Balmaceda, RN, ANP, GNP and Lovell Jones, PhD
Board 2
Patterns of risk behaviors among Samoan and Tongan adolescents in California: Results from the Pacific Islander Health Study   
Sela V. Panapasa, PhD, Cleopatra Caldwell, PhD, David R. Williams, PhD, MPH, Steven Heeringa, PhD and James W. McNally, PhD
Board 3
HIV/AIDS knowledge and sexual behavior among high school students in Solomon Islands   
Tzu-Ping Weng, Medical Student, Shih-Huai Hsiao, Lecturer, Lin-Kun Wu, RN, Master of Oral Health, Tenneth Dalipanda and Wen-Ter Lai
Board 4
A picture of chronic hepatitis B infection among Asians and Pacific Islanders in Philadelphia   
C. a. Cohen, MPH, DrPH(c), Kuan-Lung Daniel Chen, MPH, CPH, Amy Hueber, BS, Joan Block, RN, BSN and A.a. Evans, ScD
Board 5
Are vegetarian Asian Indians at lower risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome than non-vegetarians?   
Ranjita Misra, PhD, CHES, FASHA, Padmini Balagopal, PhD RD, Thakor Patel, MD, Sudha Raj, PhD, RD and Dustin Long, PhD
Board 6
Assist the achievement of MDGs 4 & 5 in developing country   
Lin-Kun Wu, Fan-Hao Chou, Professor, Shih-Huai Hsiao, Lecturer, Mei-Hsing Chen, Director, Levi Hou, Director, Yung-Mei Yang, Assistant Professor, Tenneth Dalipanda, Medical Officer, Sheng-Nan Yang, Professor and Wen-Ter Lai
Board 7
How do diabetes and obesity vary among Asian ethnic groups?   
Allison Diamant, MD, MSHS, Susan H. Babey, PhD and Joelle Wolstein, MPP
Board 8
Risk assessment of methylmercury from fish consumption in Oahu, Hawaii using hair as a biomarker of exposure   
Alethea Ramos, MS, Penelope J.E. Quintana, PhD, MPH and Ming Ji, PhD
Board 9
Poor mental health and cigarette smoking among Asian American populations in New York City   
Shijian Li, PhD, Simona Kwon, DrPH, MPH, Chau-Trinh Shevrin, DrPH and Mariano Rey, MD
Board 10
Determinants of smoking at home among Asians living in Harris , Texas   
Vishnu Nepal, MSc, MPH and Deborah Banerjee, PhD, MS

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Organized by: Asian Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health
Endorsed by: International Health, Oral Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health Education and Health Promotion, Caucus on Refugee and Immigrant Health