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Behavioral Science / Health Education Student Projects

Sunday, November 3, 2013: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Board 1
How does friendship influence childhood well-being and positive behaviors?   
Christine Schurawel, Enrique Ortega, PhD MPH, Giulia Zucchetti and Emanuela Rabaglietti, PhD
Board 2
Board 4
Evaluating college students' perceptions of obesity-related messages and images   
Julia Alber, MPH, Mindy Menn, MS, CHES, Liran Chen, Don Chaney, PhD, CHES and Beth Chaney, PhD, MCHES
Board 5
Board 6
Demographic differences in safe sex intentions among adolescents in south Florida adolescents   
Anne Frankel, PhD, Michèle Jean-Gilles, Ph.D., Jessy G. Dévieux, Ph.D. and Robert Malow, PhD
Board 7
Board 8
Evaluation of adolescent sex education program provided by an agency to the maury county middle schools   
Hilda Aderoba, M.S. Health and Human Performance (Health) - May 2013
Board 9
Examining the association between emotional intelligence and physical activity among college students   
Amir Bhochhibhoya, PhD (C), MBA, CHES, Alexandra Sampson, MS, CHES, Manoj Sharma, PhD and Paul Wesley Branscum, PhD, RD
Board 10
Exploring the relationship between emotional intelligence and sugar sweetened beverage consumption among a college population   
Alexandra Sampson, MS, CHES, Amir Bhochhibhoya, PhD (C), MBA, CHES, Manoj Sharma, PhD and Paul Wesley Branscum, PhD, RD

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