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Global and Cultural Issues in Cancer Prevention and Control

Monday, November 4, 2013: 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Board 2
Attitudes toward risk factors associated with cancer among college students   
Nicole Cranley, M.S., Julie Merten, MSH, MCHES, Adrienne Williams, BSH and Alexander Parker, PhD
Board 3
Assessing barriers to cancer screening for persons with disabilities   
Nicole Cranley, M.S., Jamie Pomeranz, PhD, CRC, CLCP, Alyssa Coleman, Krista Wert, Meera Bhakta, BA and Allison Reddick
Board 4
Adolescent and young adult cancer in Tennessee: An overview of findings   
Megan Quinn, DrPH, MSc, Shimin Zheng, PhD, Martin Whiteside, DC, PhD, MSPH and James L. Anderson, MD, PhD, MPH
Board 5
Board 6
Hepatocellular carcinoma disparities in latinos: Implications for research   
Amelie G. Ramirez, DrPH, Alan Holden, PhD, Dorothy Long Parma, MD, MPH, Edgar Munoz, MS and Kipling Gallion, MA
Board 7
Acceptability of self-administered pap smears among substance abusing populations   
Saritha Bangara, MPH, Monique Shuler, MS, Raquel Y. Qualls-Hampton, PhD, MS and Martha Felini, DC, PhD
Board 8
Community health workers educate at-risk hispanic residents on cancer prevention globally and locally   
Julie Ann St. John, MA, MPH, DrPH, Chris Beaudoin, PhD, Denise Adame and Katharine Nimmons, MSc, MPH
Board 9
Voices of breast cancer survivors on the US-Mexico border: A grounded theory approach   
Norah Schwartz, PhD, MPA, Jong-Deuk Baek, PH D, Diana Peacher, BA, Helen Palomino, MSW, Diana Pelaez, MA and Geovanni Zamudio, MA
Board 10
Addressing cancer disparities in the border region: A NOVEL MODEL of “twinning” in pediatric oncology   
Paula Aristizabal, MD, Raul Ribeiro, MD and William Roberts, MD

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