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Immigrant and Minority Health and Aging

Monday, November 4, 2013: 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
The diverse experiences of immigrants and minorities in the United States are important issues.

Board 2
Stories of us - healing community across generations one story at a time   
Hoang t. Dieu-Hien, MN, MPH, Sarah Tran, Anh Bach, Anh Cao, Bao Nguyen, Dat Ly, Duc Huynh, Hoa Pham, Hoang Vo, Hue Le, Huy Nguyen, Nam Nguyen, Nhut Truong, Phuong Dang, Tam Le, Tan Tuong, Thành Nguyen, Thuan Vo, Trung Dang, Trung Pham, Tuan Tran and Vinh Tran
Board 3
Profiling violence among elders 55+ years old living in latin america: A mass media analisis for violent prevention   
Gretchen Raya-Rodriguez, BS, MA, MPH, Victor Emanuel Reyes-Ortiz, PhDc, Marianel Casanova-Melendez, BS, MPH, Marcos Mercado, BA, MPH, Ilia Morales, BA, MPH and Luz Belinda Mojica-Hernandez, MD
Board 5
Role of place in explaining racial heterogeneity in cognitive outcomes among older adults   
Sze Yan Liu, PhD, M. Maria Glymour, ScD, Laura Zahodne, PhD, Chistopher Weiss, PhD and Jennifer Manly, PhD
Board 7
“I don't have any complaints”: Meanings of health in aging for puerto rican adults in the mainland   
Mariana Guzzardo, PhD, Wallis Adams, MPH, Irina Todorova, PhD and Luis Falcon, PhD
Board 8
Change in social network based functional support and symptoms of depression   
Luis M. Falcon, PhD, Marcia Pescador, MS and Christina Lee, PhD
Board 10
Longitudinal analysis of the impact of neighborhood context on allostatic load in older puerto ricans   
Marcia Pescador, MS, Theresa Osypuk, SD SM, Sandra Arevalo, PhD, Katherine L Tucker, Ph.D. and Luis M. Falcon, PhD

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