Online Program

Injury associated with consumer products

Sunday, November 3, 2013: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Board 1
Epidemiology of consumer product-related eye injuries in the United States   
Allison Chen, BA, Jimmy Chan, BS, James Linakis, MD, PhD, Michael J. Mello, MD, MPH and Paul Greenberg, MD
Board 2
Development of a child-resistant spray-bottle for household cleaning products   
Lara B. McKenzie, PhD, MA and Kristin Roberts, MS, MPH
Board 3
Pediatric ATV injuries: Incidence and cost in the state of Pennsylvania   
Kent Strohecker, MS, Raveesh D. Richard, MD, Christian J. Gaffney, MD, Thomas R. Bowen, MD and Wade R. Smith, MD
Board 5
Skateboarding-related injuries among males 35-55 years old in the United States   
Ches Jones, PhD, Bart Hammig, PhD, MPH and Jean Henry, PhD
Board 6
A firefighter in every home: Enacting and implementing mandatory residential sprinkler policies   
Shannon Frattaroli, PhD, MPH, Jessica Young, PhD Candidate, MS and Keshia Pollack, PhD, MPH
Board 7
Association between states' boating regulations and children's rate of life jacket use   
Wendy Chow, MPH, Mihaly Imre, M.D. and Thomas Mangione, Ph.D.
Board 8
Injuries associated with baby gates and barriers among young children in the United States, 1990-2010   
Yao-Wen Cheng, BS, Erica Fletcher, MPH and Lara B. McKenzie, PhD, MA
Board 9
Injuries associated with strollers and carriers among children in the US, 1990-2010   
Erica Fletcher, MPH, Christopher Kobe, BS, Kristin Roberts, MS, MPH and Lara B. McKenzie, PhD, MA
Board 10
Mouthguard bites (Behavior, Impulsivity, Theory Evaluation Study): What drives mouthguard use among high school basketball and baseball/softball athletes   
Christy Collins, Lara B. McKenzie, PhD, MA, Kristin Roberts, MS, MPH, Sarah Fields, JD, PhD and R. Dawn Comstock, PhD

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Organized by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
Endorsed by: Medical Care