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Emergency medical services and preparedness

Monday, November 4, 2013: 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Board 1
EMS surveillance to determine trends in intentional injury   
Barbara M. Stepanski, MPH, Kimberly De Vera, BS, Leslie Ray, MPH, MPPA, MA, Alicia Sampson, MPH, CPH, Joshua Smith, PhD, MPH and Isabel Corcos, PhD, MPH
Board 2
Using EMS data to examine firearm-related injury: Implications for surveillance and preventive intervention   
Amy Knowlton, MPH, ScD, Brian W. Weir, MPH, PhD, Gerald Cochran, MSW, PhD, Junette McWilliams, MPH, Wade Gaasch, MD and Daniel W. Webster, ScD, MPH
Board 6
Epidemiology of violent injury in emergency rooms among people experiencing homelessness in san francisco   
Sarah Dobbins, MPH, Randi Smith, MD, MPH, Caitlin Robinson, Abigail Evans and Rochelle Dicker, MD, FACS
Board 7
Translating a comprehensive injury policy evaluation guide into guidance for state injury staff   
Lindsey Stillman, Ph.D., Phillip W. Graham, DrPH, MPH, Elizabeth Zurick, MA,MPH, Chris Jones, Ph.D., Paige Cucchi, MSPH, Holly Morton and Claudia Squire, MS
Board 8
Carbon monoxide detector use: Results of a randomized controlled trial in a pediatric emergency department   
Lara B. McKenzie, PhD, MA, Kristin Roberts, MS, MPH, Erica Fletcher, MPH, R. Dawn Comstock, PhD, Soledad A. Fernandez, PhD, M.Sc., Mahmoud Abdel-Rasoul, MS, MPH, Marcel J Casavant, MD and Leslie Mihalov, MD
Board 9
Emergency department alcohol screening in Illinois pediatric trauma patients, 1999-2009   
Norman Nicolson, BA, Patrick Lank, MD and Marie Crandall, MD, MPH, FACS
Board 10
Emts rule   
Susan Murphy, MPH

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Organized by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
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