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Environment, Lifestyle or Genes? Modeling Health Determinants – Implications for Research, Practice and Policy

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Panel Discussion
Health is determined by multiple factors such as genetics, environment, socio cultural context and personal lifestyle. Often these factors are treated as isolated and independent health determinants. More recently a more comprehensive view has been suggested to provide a more helpful approach in determining the health effects of single factors in an integral model. Inherited, environmentally-acquired epigenetic alterations and personal lifestyle choices in their dynamic interactions have significant implications for improving our understanding of disease etiology and in devising effective interventions. Health determinant can interact with a multitude of other factors and as environmental factors may alter individual health, individual lifestyle choices may have repercussion effects on other environmental factors and in turn effect health determinants. A comprehensive view of the issues is of importance in directing research and policy efforts more effectively. The session will focus on four areas that are interrelated and will provide the attendees with a greater appreciation for viewing health determinants not isolated but in synergistic and dynamic models as they relate to Public Health research, practice and policy. The areas covered will include a general introduction to the integrative model approach and how it relates to Public Health, the contribution of epigenetic research and its implications for Public Health, the importance of individual lifestyle factors in a Public Health context, the importance of the environment and the socio cultural context and the implications for policy in Public Health. The purpose of this session is to initiate a discussion and awareness among researchers, policy makers, educators, and public health practitioners of the importance of integrating environmental, individual and genetic determinants of health and the mediatory role of epigenetics in developing more accurate Public Health Endeavors in Research, Practice and Policy.
Session Objectives: Identify the importance of an integrative model in Public Health. Describe how Epigenetics contributes to the advancement of Public Health. Evaluate the role of Health Disparities in Epigenetic Research and Public Health. Analyze the interactions of environmental factors, socioeconomics, lifestyle and epigenetics.
Nico Rizzo, PhD, med Dr, M.Sc. and Robin Wilson
Nico Rizzo, PhD, med Dr, M.Sc. and Samuel Soret, PhD, MPH

Lifestyle Factors and Public Health   

Samuel Soret, PhD, MPH

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