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Poster Session: Built Environment and Healthy Communities

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Board 1
Board 2
Effect of neighborhood walkability and crime on the mental health of women living in low-income neighborhoods   
Pamela DeGuzman, PhD, MBA, RN, Elizabeth I. Merwin, PhD, RN, FAAN and Cheryl Bourguignon, PhD, RN
Board 3
Speed limits and health   
Kate Ito, MS, Peter James, MHS, ScD, Ben Wood, MPH and Mariana Arcaya, ScD, MCP
Board 5
An evaluation of the effectiveness of the federal safe routes to school program using before-and-after data from four states   
Noreen McDonald, PhD, Ruth Steiner, PhD, Chanam Lee, PhD, MLA, Yizhao Yang, PhD, Xuemei Zhu, PhD and Tori Rhoulac Smith, PhD
Board 7
Examining the threshold for neighborhood ownership and crime   
Ronald Pitner, PhD, Ernest Wiggins, MA, Shanna Hastie, LMSW, Kaipeng Wang, MSW and Mansoo Yu, PhD
Board 8
Community speed reduction: A win-win for injury prevention and active living   
Kathleen McCabe, MPA and Mariana Arcaya, ScD, MCP
Board 10
Influence of housing characteristics on air infiltration of agricultural pesticides into farmworkers' homes   
Anastasia Sugeng, MS, Paloma Beamer, PhD, Robert Canales, PhD, Eric Lutz, PhD and Cecilia Rosales, MD, MS

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