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Alternative and Complementary Health Practices Special Topics: Poster Session

Monday, November 4, 2013: 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, BAMS (Ayu), MAOM, Ph.D

Board 1
Effect of group empowerment drumming on cognition, mood states, and impact among women with fibromyalgia   
Jordan Aquino, MPH, C. Jessie Jones, PhD, Dana N. Rutledge, RN, PhD and Barbara Cherry, PhD
Board 2
Hidden spiritual suffering of military veterans who are at end of life   
Bei-Hung Chang, ScD, Nathan Stein, PhD and Lara Skarf, MD
Board 3
Concept of tonics in ayurveda and their unique place in today's healthcare   
Pratibha Shah, Masters degree in Ayurveda, MPH and Basmaa Ali, Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Board 5
Characterizing complementary and alternative medicine practices to identify opportunities for health promotion   
Lysbeth Floden, MPH, Eva Matthews, MPH, Lubna Govindarajan, MPH and Myra Muramoto, MD, MPH
Board 7
An integrative literature review of health benefits of forests   
Insook Lee, RN, PhD, Sungjae Kim, RN,PhD, Kyung-Sook Bang, RN, PhD, Heeseung Choi, PhD, MPH, RN, Chin-Kang Koh, RN, PhD, Jieun Kim, Ko Woon Lee, RN, MPH, Hyori Kim, RN and Inju Hwang, RN,MSN
Board 8
Optimal fetal positioning: A movement-based ACHP   
Marit Bovbjerg, PhD, MS, Melissa Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM, Jennifer Webster, MPH, CHES, Susanna Snyder, MA and Anna Horn, BS
Board 9
Energy healing as a complementary treatment for paranoid schizophrenia: A case report   
Kavita Chhibber, Journalist, Energy healer/instructor
Board 10
Ayurvedic medicine for peri-menopausal and menopausal syndrome – a review   
Manjusha Vinjamury, MD(Ayurveda), MAOM and Sivarama Prasad Vinjamury, MD

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