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HIIT Poster Session 4

Monday, November 4, 2013: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Chinua Lambie, MHA, HIT

Board 1
Considerations for implementing a social media presence for a public health training center or health organization   
Mark Hart, Ed.D., Shalewa Noel-Thomas, PhD, MPH and Mary Peoples-Sheps, DrPH
Board 2
Quality assurance assessment of downloadable applications in health promotion and preventive healthcare   
Meredith McCracken, MPH, Steven Godin, PhD, MPH and Susan Dalandan, MPH Student
Board 3
Open source health intelligence (OSHINT) for food borne illness event characterization   
Jane Blake, M.S., Catherine Ordun, MBA, MPH, Nathanael Rosidi, PhD, Vahan Grigoryan, PhD, Frederica Conrey, PhD and KC Decker, M.S.
Board 4
Strengths and challenges of using electronic medical records to identify patients overdue for cervical cancer screening: Coordinating care, provider usage, and data extractability   
Sarah Peitzmeier, MSPH, Karishma Khullar, BA, Rachel Koffman, MBA, MS, Chris Grasso, MPH and Jennifer Potter, MD
Board 5
Understanding patients' perspectives on a tablet-based breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment tool   
Meghan Halley, PhD, MPH, Katharine Rendle, MA, MSW, Suepattra May, PhD, MPH, Dominick Frosch, PhD, Meg Durbin, MD, Philip Strong, MD and Harold Luft, PhD
Board 6
A practical roadmap to sustainable integration of surveillance for public health   
Massimo Mirabito, MBA, PMP, CSM, Kumar Batra, BE, PMP, CSM, Sharon Burks, MA, PMP, William Correll, MS, MPH, PMP and Thomas Sukalac
Board 7
Global mapping of student community health assessments using GIS   
Madeleine J. Kerr, PhD, RN, Molly Wynia, BA, Carol Flaten, DNP, RN and Karen A. Monsen, PhD, FAAN, RN
Board 8
San Diego BMI surveillance: Lessons learned in developing new electronic surveillance using existing systems   
Deirdre Browner, MPH, Dean Sidelinger, MD, MSEd, Robert Wester, MA, MPH, Richard F. W. Barnes, PhD, MPH, Karen Waters-Montijo, MPH, Eric McDonald, MD, MPH and Wilma J. Wooten, MD, MPH
Board 9
Effectiveness of an integrated patient information system evaluated: Using two medical record platforms and clinic settings   
Elizabeth Hannah, DVM, MS, MPH, Tim Dunnagan, Ph.D., Shawn Adams, MBA and Martin Gabica, MD

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Organized by: Health Informatics Information Technology